ACHC Offers New Accreditation Option for Renal Dialysis Providers

In accordance with the latest federal guidelines, Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) is offering a new temporary accreditation option for renal dialysis facilities and service additions applying for initial Medicare certification during the COVID-19 national public health emergency.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) supports the use of temporary accreditation to ensure local healthcare systems can provide services during a potential surge of COVID-19 patients. Temporary accreditation provides an efficient, convenient way for organizations to obtain a temporary CMS Certification Number (CCN), which allows providers to quickly begin caring for patients and billing Medicare.

ACHC is conducting virtual off-site compliance reviews for organizations seeking temporary accreditation. A second, subsequent on-site survey for full accreditation certification and a permanent CCN will be conducted at an unspecified time after the emergency is over. Temporary accreditation still requires the same compliance with accreditation standards as an on-site survey, as reasonably possible.

New providers and service additions also can choose to have an initial on-site accreditation survey if they are in an area not severely affected by coronavirus. This gives organizations a direct opportunity to receive full accreditation status and a permanent CCN. ACHC has CMS deeming authority for Renal Dialysis and offers accreditation for In-Center Dialysis and Home Dialysis Support services.

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